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Maid Service Satisfaction Gauranteed

Service Guarantee

Posh strives to provide the highest level of quality, service and value to each and every customer. If you are not completely satisfied, please inform us within 24 hours of your service and we will re-clean the area or correct the situation to your satisfaction.


We Guarantee It.

I have many delicate surfaces in my home, like marble, granite, hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances. How do you handle these?


Very carefully! We are very experienced with these surfaces and we always bring the appropriate cleaning agents and equipment. You are always asked if you have any of these special surfaces so that your cleaners are aware that you have them and are prepared to deal with them.



Are you OK with my pets?


We love pets! We make sure that each of our team members loves pets. Most all of them have pets of their own.



Does someone have to be home while the cleaning is taking place?


No, but you are welcome to stay! It is nice to meet your team and go over anything in your home that you feel is pertinent. But it is not necessary as we will record all the current details for your service on our Client Profile Sheet and provide it to your team with each cleaning.



Who has access to the keys to my home?


The senior Team Member who cleans your home is the only person who has access to the keys. We hold many of our customers’ keys in a locked safe. Keys are then dispatched in the morning the day of the cleaning. At the day’s end we sign in all keys and securely lock them up.



Will I always have the same team cleaning my home?


We at Posh know that you want to be familiar with who is in your home. Cards are left after each service with the names of the staff that day. In general at least 2 of 3 people on your team remain consistent, if not all 3. Changes are sometimes required in order to accommodate for staffing changes – such as when an employee calls in or has taken vacation. Although certain staff may change from time to time, we maintain quality of service with consistency in our cleaning methods, keeping profile notes for the particular needs of each client, and ensuring ALL staff are trained in our systems – as well as adhering to our high expectations for quality.



How many of your cleaning technicians come at a time?


Posh Cleaning Technicians work in teams of 3 - we have found this is the best balance, ensuring attention to detail.



How long will my cleaning service take?


The average size home, with average cleaning needs, with bi-weekly service, takes about 2.5 hours for a team of 2 to complete. Working in teams of 2 or 3 means Posh can complete your service faster, meaning less disruption in your home. Posh’s pricing is based on services provided, not on time. We clean what we promised to your satisfaction, even if it takes longer than planned.



What days/ times are available to have my home cleaned?


Most residential cleaning takes place between 9AM and 5PM, Monday – Friday. Posh can accommodate most any time, however we will discuss with you your preferred time and do our best to accommodate it. Many clients ask for Fridays or Thursdays, therefore that day fills up very quickly. If your perfect day and time is not possible we can schedule you in on your second preference, and then keep you in mind for when an opening becomes available - which is typically not a long wait.



What type of insurance and bonding should my maid service have?


Many home owners are not aware that they are personally liable for damages and worker safety when you hire an independent cleaner, as they are considered your employee - if they are not legitimately employed by a registered company, and covered by the appropriate insurance.


Posh is fully insured for your protection while our teams are cleaning your home. We are bonded and carry both general liability insurance and WSIB.


Bonding insurance covers theft in cases with a conviction in a court of law.

General liability, on the other hand, covers any damage to your home or possessions.

• Finally, WSIB protects you from legal action in the event that an employee gets injured while in your home.


The combination of the three provide complete coverage for you and your property.



How do I pay for the service? What methods of payment do you accept?


Posh accepts credit cards, cheques, email bank transfers or cash. Cheques are made payable to “Posh”. Credit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Payment is provided to one of your technicians the time of service, or if you are not home - left on the kitchen counter.



How does Posh protect my credit card info?


We at Posh prioritize safety and security in all facets of our business. Posh uses ‘First Data’ for credit card processing - one of the world’s largest payment processors. After a card number is provided, and your first payment is processed, the original is destroyed. After this, your card number is held in a virtual “vault”. Posh is able to process additional payments, (which we only do after your service is complete), however - the full card information is no longer visible or retrievable - even to managers who have secure access to processing. If there was ever an issue with your payment we would have to contact you again to get your card number. As a general rule, you should never send your credit card number by email.



What if my cleaning falls on a holiday?


If your scheduled cleaning falls on a statutory holiday we will contact you to reschedule. We do clean on Holidays upon request however there is 50% additional fee as we must compensate our employees accordingly.



What if I have vacation plans and do not want to have my home cleaned while I am away?


If you have vacation plans and need a temporary cancellation of your cleaning services, please call or email to make arrangements with Posh. If you need to change or cancel your clean please provide notice 48 hours ahead, or more, of your scheduled time in order to avoid a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is 20% or your quoted rate, but this only applies if you cancel within 48 hours or less of you scheduled time.



Do I have to sign a contract?


Payment is made to Posh upon each cleaning service therefore no contract is required. (We dislike contracts as much as you do!) We would prefer to earn your continued patronage based on our ability to meet your maid service needs rather than based on a contractual relationship.



Who should I contact if I want something extra done or if I want to change or cancel my cleaning?


Please do not hesitate to call or email Posh – we would be happy to provide our additional services on occasion. If you need to change or cancel your clean please provide notice 48 hours ahead, or more, of your scheduled time in order to avoid a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is 20% or your quoted rate, but this only applies if you cancel within 48 hours or less of you scheduled time.



What if something gets broken when my home is cleaned?


We treat your home with the greatest care; however, should an accident or breakage occur while we are in your home, we will contact you as soon as possible and we will make every effort to have the item repaired or replaced if it cannot be repaired.



Do I need to provide any supplies or equipment?


All cleaning agents and equipment are supplied by Posh. Where safety regulations allow, we will be pleased to accommodate special requests.



At what time will the Posh team be at my home?


When scheduling your cleaning Posh will arrange a start time in addition to the date. We know that you may be waiting for us and we do our best to remain punctual. If traffic or weather is affecting us we will do our best to call you ahead of time.


Regarding arrival times we ask for a 2 hour window, especially for appointments not first thing in the AM. It has never happened that a team is actually 2 hours late, sometimes they are early.



Do I have to do anything before the cleaning?


We ask that you take a few minutes the night before your scheduled cleaning to tidy. This will allow us to devote all of our time in your home to cleaning which will result in giving you the best value for your cleaning fee. We are here to assist you so please contact us to discuss your individual preferences.


Having a legitimate, well-established company to back you up is extremely important!



I’m interested in working for you. How do I apply?


Posh prides itself on being a positive and rewarding place to work. Please visit our “Work for Posh” page for current openings.

If you are an advocate of protecting our environment, or concerned about the effect that cleaning agents may have on the people who live in your home, Posh can offer you our

Eco Friendly Cleaning


Green Cleaning Service


As it is - none of the cleaning agents that Posh regularly uses are very harsh. Some of the regular cleaning agents that Posh uses are made from renewable, biological sources. However, upon your request Posh will use ONLY environmentally safe products for your home.


These eco-friendly cleaning products are more expensive, and they are not quite as effective as regular cleaning agents – some more wiping, scrubbing and time is required to get your surfaces clean. For these reasons Posh adds about 15% to our typical rates for our Green Cleaning Service.

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Dust bunnies cannot hide from us! Don’t let those dust bunnies steal your weekend – vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing...let our friendly staff turn your dust into delight. Our highly qualified service personnel will have your home dazzling from corner to corner.

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